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All DiRT Rally fans are welcome to participate in the league at https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/19451/internetracer .
The Internetracer DiRT Rally league 2017 with class and histo scoring will start at the beginning of September 2017.


Hot lapping as well as the restart of each session is not possible!!!
--> Attention: a connection failure will automatically take you back to the first stage. This will no longer be punished by exclusion from the classification .
A league seasons comprises 8 rallies. There won't be void results anymore. Each session contains 16 stages in different countries (random selection).

Attention! NEW power stage scoring:
The power stage is the last special stage of a rally.
The 5 fastest drivers can earn some extra points here: 5 points for the quickest, 4 points for the second-best etc.
The last 4 stages of a rally will be driven with default setup! Last service-in to perform repairs is the stage before the last 4 stages.
Duration of a session: 3 weeks

The car is completely elective before each rally (16 stages)
You can currently find the server settings on the homepage under -> "About Event xx"
(Event details with weather conditions etc.)
The overall scoring chart for the class/division scoring is created by "Litermonti" – thanks a lot for this. Point allocation for the class/division scoring:
25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3 – all other participants receive 2 points; 1 point if you don't see the checkered flag, 15-8 points in case of less than three participants.
Thus, we do not only have an overall winner but also a winner in each class.
Historic championship
The scoring factors for the histo division are as follows:
-Group B 4WD: x1
-Group A: x1.25
- Group B RWD & 1980s: x1.5
-1970s: x1.75
-1960s: x2
Here, the maximum score depends on the number of participants in the histo cup.
The factors for the historic cars shall balance the differences of the individual classes and add to the excitement.
Subsequent participants will receive less points accordingly, as in the class scoring in increments of 2. If a participant doesn't finish, he earns 1 point.

>>>Finally, we ask you to only use driving aids if you can't succeed otherwise because:<<<
>>>!!! Those driving without any aids (ABS, traction and stability control OFF!!!) will earn 10 extra points -> can be set under your player profile in Dirt Rally!!!<<<

And now fasten your seatbelt, push the pedal to the metal and have fun
Trex, Litermonti and RainerWahnsinn

**last revision: August 31, 2017**